Tired of your trees fading into the darkness at night? Want to make them shine like stars in the evening sky?

Tree Lighting Installation

Elevating Spaces: Your Expert Professional Lighting Decorators

Everlast Expandables

Protect your trees by using the most rugged string on the market that carries a 2-year warranty. Everlastrings are also offered in a first and only to market expandable design; these strings expand and contract with your trees, preventing string snapping and tree damage.

Picture this: With the fading light of day, a transformation takes place in your garden, unfolding a visual feast for the senses: your trees awaken with a dazzling display of lights. Delicate strands weave through the branches, like shimmering threads stitching a tapestry. The soft glow caresses the textured bark, tracing the graceful lines of each tree, revealing their majestic beauty.

Your garden becomes a captivating sanctuary, where the trees stand tall, embraced by an otherworldly aura.

Whether you seek peaceful moments alone or gather with loved ones under this enchanting glow, the tree lighting creates a magical atmosphere that captivates all. With our Tree Lighting, your garden transforms into a realm of ethereal delight, where nature’s charm and artistic brilliance intertwine in perfect harmony.

“In the right light, everything is extraordinary. Great lighting has the power to transform the mundane into the magnificent.”

Weatherproof Lighting

With durable materials and protective seals, it remains resistant to rain, snow, and harsh weather, allowing you to enjoy stunning illumination and peace of mind, no matter the forecast.

highly customizable

Experience limitless creativity with digitally addressable RGBW LED lights. Each LED can be programmed to emit vibrant red, green, blue, and white colors, offering a multitude of stunning effects. MeshTek’s advanced Bluetooth controller and user-friendly apps provide effortless control, empowering you to craft captivating and immersive lighting displays.

plug and play

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our user-friendly designs and intuitive features make our lighting solutions a seamless experience. Simply connect the lights, plug them in, and enjoy instant illumination. No complicated wiring or technical expertise required.

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