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Our services are available nationwide, and we have established a reputation for excellence across the country. Whether you need a simple lighting installation or a complex lighting design, Illuminate 360 is your go-to company for exceptional lighting services.


Illuminate 360 is a premier company that specializes in providing stunning lighting services to enhance the beauty of any property. Established with the aim of bringing innovation and creativity to the lighting industry, Illuminate 360 has quickly become a trusted name in the industry.

At Illuminate 360, we are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative, beautiful, and energy-efficient lighting solutions that enhance the beauty and value of their property. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you transform your space into a stunning display of light and beauty.

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The company’s wide range of services includes Holiday Light Installation, RGB roof line lighting, permanent tree lighting, patio and bistro lighting, and landscape lighting. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, Illuminate 360 offers exceptional lighting solutions that can transform any space into a breathtakingly beautiful display.

At Illuminate 360, we believe that every client deserves the best, and we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and service to every customer. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and we provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

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We are committed to providing high-quality lighting products and services. We believe in using durable materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions for both landscape and holiday lighting.


We strive to stay at the forefront of the lighting industry by embracing innovation. We continually explore new ideas, technologies, and design concepts to offer our customers the most advanced and aesthetically pleasing lighting options available.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We listen to our customers' needs, understand their vision, and work closely with them to create customized lighting solutions that exceed their expectations. We value open communication, responsiveness, and a personalized approach to ensure our customers are delighted with our services.

Creativity and Design Excellence

We believe that lighting is an art form. We value creativity and design excellence in every aspect of our work. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical expertise with a keen eye for aesthetics to create captivating lighting designs that enhance the beauty and ambiance of landscapes and holiday displays.

Integrity and Professionalism

We conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We believe in transparency, ethical practices, and delivering on our commitments. Our team is dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy service, ensuring a positive experience for our customers from start to finish.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. We believe in the power of synergy, where the combined skills, ideas, and efforts of our team members lead to exceptional results. We encourage open communication, respect diverse perspectives, and value the contributions of every individual.


Safety is a fundamental value in our lighting company. We prioritize the well-being of our customers, employees, and the general public. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols, follow industry standards, and continually invest in training and education to ensure a safe working environment and safe installation practices.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We embrace feedback, actively seek new knowledge, and invest in ongoing learning and development to enhance our skills and stay ahead of industry trends. We continuously evaluate our processes, systems, and performance to identify areas for improvement and deliver an exceptional customer experience.